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Enumeration of Report Data Types.

Namespace: AJE.DataReportEngine
Assembly: AJE.DataReportEngine (in AJE.DataReportEngine.dll) Version: 4.0.7201.33284 (

public enum DataTypes

  Member nameValueDescription
XML_Automatic0 Automatically Load XML Data.
XML_Data_Set1 Data is an XML Dataset.
XML_Document2 Data is an XML Document.
CSV_WithHeader3 Data is CSV with Column Header.
CSV_NoHeader4 Data is CSV without Column Header.
XLS_WithHeader5 Data is XLS with Column Header.
XLS_NoHeader6 Data is XLS without Column Header.
XLSX_WithHeader7 Data is XLSX with Column Headers.
XLSX_NoHeader8 Data is XLSX without Column Headers.
JSon9 Data is JSon.
HTML10 Data is HTML.

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