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The RegularExpressionLibrary type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberAlphaNumericPattern
AlphaNumberic, Float
Public fieldStatic memberAlphaPattern
Alpha Only, Float
Public fieldStatic memberAmericanExpressCreditCardPattern
American Express Credit Card
Public fieldStatic memberCSSComments
Regex matching CSS Comments
Public fieldStatic memberCSSGroups
Matches CSS selectors and returns groups of selector[propertyname:propertyValue] use to parse CSS in a string or file http://stackoverflow.com/a/2694121/899290
Public fieldStatic memberDinersClubCreditCardPattern
Diners Club Credit Card
Public fieldStatic memberDiscoverCreditCardPattern
Discover Card Credit Card
Public fieldStatic memberEmailGeneralPattern
Use this Regular Expression to test if an email is in proper format Set Regular Expression to Case Insensitive Does not check if domains are valid. Does not allow domains larger than 4 characters long
Public fieldStatic memberEmailPattern
Use this RegularExpression to test if an email is in proper format Set Regular Expression to Case insensitive Checks if the top level domain is valid Does not check for valid top level domains only if the pattern is correct.
Public fieldStatic memberFileExtension
File Extension
Public fieldStatic memberGUIDPattern
Matches Standard .Net and SQL Guid
Public fieldStatic memberIntegerNegativePattern
Negative Integers
Public fieldStatic memberIntegerPattern
Any Integer
Public fieldStatic memberIntegerPositivePattern
Positive Inegers
Public fieldStatic memberIPV4AddressPattern
Valid IPv4 Addresses
Public fieldStatic memberIPV4AddressPattern_WComma
Valid IPv4 Addresses with a comma delimiter at the end,Max 10 Addresses
Public fieldStatic memberIPv6AddressPattern
Matches all IPv6 patterns
Public fieldStatic memberIPv6AddressPattern_6Hex4Dec
IPv6 Hex + 4 dec
Public fieldStatic memberIPv6AddressPattern_Hex4DecCompressed
IPv6 "Mixed"
Public fieldStatic memberIPv6AddressPattern_HEXCompressed
IPv6 Hex Compressed
Public fieldStatic memberIPv6AddressPattern_WComma
Matches all IPv6 patterns
Public fieldStatic memberIPv6AddressPatternStandard
IPv6 Full
Public fieldStatic memberMajorCreditCardPattern
All Major Credit Cards Pattern
Public fieldStatic memberMasterCardCreditCardPattern
Master Card Credit Card
Public fieldStatic memberNaturalNumber
Any Kind of Natural Number, Not 00
Public fieldStatic memberNetworkProtocolPattern
HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, FTPS, network Protocols
Public fieldStatic memberPhoneNumber
Basic Phone Number allowing - . \
Public fieldStatic memberRealNegativePattern
Negative Real Numbers
Public fieldStatic memberRealPattern
Real Numbers
Public fieldStatic memberRealPositivePattern
Positive Real Numbers
Public fieldStatic memberSQLConnecitonStringLoginInfoPattern
SQL Server 2000/2005 Conection String Pattern for User ID and password Section
Public fieldStatic memberSQLConnectionStringDatabasePattern
SQL Server 2000/2005 Conection String Pattern for Datbase or Initial Catalog Names Section
Public fieldStatic memberSQLConnectionStringPattern
SQL Server 2000/2005 Connection String Pattern
Public fieldStatic memberSQLConnectionStringSecurityTypePattern
SQL Server 2000/2005 Conection String Pattern for Security Settings Section
Public fieldStatic memberSQLConnectionStringServerPattern
SQL Server 2000/2005 Conection String Pattern for Server or Data Source Names Section
Public fieldStatic memberSQLInjectionValidation_Basic
Use to ensure a string is not an injection attack. validates against: ' --
Public fieldStatic memberURLPattern
Standard Public Url and Some Intranet Urls. Will match
Public fieldStatic memberUSPhoneNumber
US Phone Number Pattern
Public fieldStatic memberUSSocialSecurityNumberPattern
US Social Security Number
Public fieldStatic memberUSZipCodePattern
US Zip Code Pattern
Public fieldStatic memberVisaCreditCardPattern
Visa Credit Card Pattern, Long and Short
Public fieldStatic memberXMLPattern
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