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Report Functions List for Report Fields.

Namespace: AJE.DataReportEngine
Assembly: AJE.DataReportEngine (in AJE.DataReportEngine.dll) Version: 4.0.7201.33284 (

public enum Functions

  Member nameValueDescription
File_Size1 Formats a File Size to KB, MB or GB.
File_Name2 Gets the File Name portion of a File URI.
File_Name_Without_Extension3 Gets the File Name portion of a File URI without the File Extension.
File_Extension4 Gets the File Name Extension of a File URI.
File_Location5 Gets the Location of the File URI.
Expression_Evaluator6 Evaluates a String using an Expression Evaluator.
HTML_To_Text7 Converts HTML Content to Text only.
Text_To_HTML8 Converts Text to HTML Content.
Extract_Links9 Extract Links from Document Content.
Extract_EMails10 Extract EMails from Document Content.
Link_Count11 Link Count in Document Content.
EMail_Count12 EMail Count in Document Content.
Domain_From_URL13 Gets the Domain from a URL.
IP_From_Host14 Gets the IP Address from a Host.
Host_From_IP15 Gets the Host from an IP Address.
Content_Length16 Gets the Content Length.
Latitude17 Gets the Formatted Latitude from a Double.
Longitude18 Gets the Formatted Longitude from a Double.

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