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Report Images Indigo DRS Help

To Add or Edit a Report Image click on the Report Treeview and select the Section or Group you wish to create Image in.

Click the URI button to open the File Browser and select the Image to show in the Report. Specify the Image size or leave zero for the Image to Auto Size.

Value Types

The URI Query for the Image can be an XQuery expression to specify the location of the Image. If the Value Type is a literal the Image File location will be determined from the URI property. If the Value Type is XQuery the Image location will be determined from the URI Query.

Images can also contain Report Conditional Rules to determine if the Image is displayed or not. Report Rules are XQuery expressions that return True or False and determine if Content is Enabled. By Default if empty the Rule will always be True.


XML namespaces are used for providing uniquely named elements and attributes. If the Data Source contains Namespaces they can be applied to the XQuery Processor.