Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting
  And Document Generation with AI
  Indigo DRS Technical Overview
Specialist Data Reporting Software  
Powerful RDL Report Engine
XQuery / XPath, XSLT, Python, SQL
Data Visualization, Charting and Graphs
Data Tables and Pivot Tables
Data Filtering and Sorting
Expression and Formula Evaluation
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Report Rules, Data Contexts & Sub Reports
HTML, PDF and Text Document Outputs
Rapid Report Development (RRD)
Reusable Reporting Platform


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Indigo DQM Data Management Systems

Indigo DQM is a high level data management, query and reporting system designed to maximise data assets, information and business intelligence. This powerful application can be used for data analyses, data extraction, data migration and transformation, data queries and report generation. The DQM Data Management System efficiently consolidates all your Data Assets into a central shared Data Store for the most effective management, access and reporting allowing critical information to be available on demand across networks.

Indigo DQM Data Management System

AJE Consulting

AJE Consulting specialise in advanced IT solutions for complex networked architectures and software systems. Our expertise in information technology, networking and software architecture helps business create perfect solutions. Real solutions for demanding business requirements.

Software Development and Networking Specialists

Vision Statement "AJE Consulting is dedicated to providing the highest quality IT solutions providing true information architecture, intelligently conceived and professionally executed. We aim to understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of dynamic business and achieve results by utilizing state of the art technologies."

Dev One Stop

Dev One Stop is a comprehensive resource for developers looking for Software Components and Developments Tools.

Software Components and Development Tools

Dev One Stop is a trusted source of information for buyers and sellers of try-before-you-buy software, enabling IS/IT professionals, developers, business users, and personal technology enthusiasts to have a hands-on evaluation of products they're considering for purchase.

AJE Components

Software Components and Developer Tools AJE Components are designed to maximize software reuse, improve reliability and add rich functionality. AJE Components include a series of advanced reusable Software Components and Development Tools for Security, Finance, Banking, User Management and General Application Development.

AJE Components addresses the core of business strategy - staying ahead of the competition or being the first with best. In order to remain competitive, organizations must be better, faster and more efficient. AJE Components could save you many tens of thousands of man hours of development time. This saving in time and the increased reliability and productivity that come with using our components equate to immeasurable costs savings.


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